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The Gorgeous Formula

The most beautiful makeup is… healthy, radiant skin. Let us introduce you to its best friend – Gorgeous is made up of revitalising ingredients, minerals, vitamins and anti-oxidants. It will help you look after your skin’s natural luminosity, firmness and hydration from the inside. You will be known for your amazing complexion.

The Bikini Body Formula

Introduce the Bikini Body Formula into your daily diet and you will be able to unveil your body with real confidence. This formula’s ingredients will improve your metabolism, support your digestive system, speed up the burning of fat as well as increase collagen production – essential for improving the appearance of your skin. The regular use of Bikini Body lowers the absorption of lipids, aids digestion, decreases appetite and regulates blood sugar levels.

The Supergreens Formula

Feel the strength flowing from plants! The Supergreens Formula is an excellent mixture of green plants with cleansing properties. The ingredients in this formula support the immune and the digestive systems.

Excellent products!


Great way to boost your healthy food 😘😘😘


After just a few days (!) I was surprised when looking into the mirror. I could really see the difference – the skin was simply looking healthier, and it had a certain glow to it. It was clear that I had given it the nutrients it was lacking.


My Father has been using the ZOJO SUPERGREENS formula for a month and he lost over 3 kg, without making any other changes to his eating or exercise habits. I am not sure if this is a coincidence or not, but my Dad is very happy😊


I fell in love with the Beauty Pageant elixir.


I’ve used ZOJO marine collagen for a month now and I must say it really did improve my skin and hair in particular. I am definitely gonna be a returning customer.


I love the gorgeous packaging. Makes me wanna have some more every time I look at it.


What can I say? Just beautiful ❤


I completely buy the philosophy behind ZOJO – the concept of beauty, health, energy and vitality  from within.


Not only healthy, but yummy as well.


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We’d like to introduce you to the products we’ve been working on for years. Mixtures of extraordinary ingredients which will meet the needs not only of your body, but also of your soul. The packaging is eye-pleasing and the formulas support health and beauty from the inside.

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