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Home Journal Adaptogens – are they worth including in your daily diet?

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Adaptogens – are they worth including in your daily diet?

An adaptogen is a herbal medicine that supports the body’s resistance to stress, used in states of exhaustion and anxiety. Its task, as defined in the encyclopedia, is to normalise and improve various body functions.

The adaptogen must be non-toxic to the recipient. This is the general principle of the action of adaptogens: in the vast majority they are extremely gentle, practically without side effects, they rarely interact with medications.

Examples of adaptogens are: ginseng, Japanese ginkgo or rhodiola, some mushrooms.

Adaptogens usually have two main directions of action:

  • antioxidising and anti-inflammatory
  • raising immunity

They support more than one body organ or one system but are not medicines for any one disease!

It is this specific composition that provides a broad spectrum of activity. Adaptogens are usually good for the liver, strengthen the circulatory and the nervous systems, protect against radiation, enhance the immune system, are often used as an adjuvant in chemotherapy and radiotherapy.

We have fallen in love with some most potent adaptogens like, amongst others, ginseng, shisandra, ashwagandha or reishi mushrooms. Explore more on te history, benefits and use of adaptogens here.

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