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Ayurveda – prevention is better than cure

Ayurveda is an ancient Indian art of healing, but above all, it is the art of supporting the natural balance of our bodies. As one of the oldest healing systems ever known, it has been called “the mother of medicine” –. Here healing meets with psychology, philosophy and care of our physical condition.

It’s based on using beneficial features of plants and the combination of such mixtures, that will positively influence our health. We would like to introduce you to some of them now.

One of the greatest mixtures of Ayurveda medicine. It consists of three powdered fruits: Behada, Amla and Harada. This beautiful blend supports a strained digestive system, reduces glucose levels in the blood preventing fluctuations and also supports your intestines, strengthens the heart and detoxifies your liver.

Called “the women’s plant”. A real aphrodisiac! It increases the libido level, beneficially influences our circulatory system and heart function. It heals all inflammations without any side effects that conventional drugs are known for. The therapeutic impact of this plant is used also in numerous oncological treatment cases.

The number one in Indian medicine. It’s proven antiseptic, antioxidant and cleansing effects are used in modern medicine. Ashwagandha helps prevent Alzheimer’s, has a positive influence on brain function, protects from stress and its side effects such as stomach ulcers, head aches or distractions.

Fall in love with the beneficial effects of adaptogens and experience the return of your natural inner energy and balance. Take advantage of the beneficial influence of natural substances sourced only from plants. No synthetic chemicals. Here is health in its pure form!

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Stewed pears in wine with hibiscus and aronia

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Pizza z winogronami

Napoli pizza with grapes and YOUNG formula

Kakaowe trufle przepis

Chocolate truffles with Magic Cocoa with mushrooms

Naleśniki z adaptogenami

Soy yoghurt green pancakes with adaptogens

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