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Skin food – healthy skin starts with food

Our skin is a reflection of everything we eat, i.e. if you don’t pay attention to what you eat , junk food, highly processed with preservatives, flavor enhancers, lots of sugar, drink too little water, and also smoke cigarettes and drink alcohol, sooner or later the effects of this unhygienic lifestyle will be visible on your skin. You’ve heard the golden thought: “You are what you eat” because food also translates into your well-being and the condition of the whole body.

But getting back to the skin, start with cleaning from the inside. Set aside the food mentioned above and try to see the beneficial effects of this.

Besides, add adaptogens, superfoods and superherbs to your diet. They play their important role in promoting a beautiful skin.

Let us know how you cleanse your body. Email us at: or leave a comment on Instagram or FB.

We are waiting for your opinion, your questions, your successes.

We are keeping our fingers crossed for anyone who wants to join a healthy lifestyle with ZOJO☺

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