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Mindfulness – start today

Each one of us is a multitasking and busy woman – in the morning we are already planning what we will have to do in the evening and even tomorrow. At home, we often think about work and vice versa, while playing with a child, we focus on what to cook for dinner. Maybe it is worth stopping for a moment? Focus on what is here and now – enjoy the nice weather outside, the smile from your child or a compliment from your neighbor. This is the basis of the “mindfulness” philosophy, which makes us live more consciously and carefully.

Simply put, mindfulness is a careful presence. To achieve it, we have to go from theory to practice so you must start practicing. The easiest way will be meditation in a sitting position, with your eyes closed, focusing on the breath and what is happening here and now. Don’t be discouraged too quickly – treat these exercises as a moment of calmness, relaxation and just a moment for yourself. In the end, everything we do carefully, for example cleaning, cooking, can be our own exercise.

Practise makes perfect in all areas of our lives, also in mindfulness philosophies. Spend several minutes a day on meditation, during which focus only on yourself – both the body and the mind. Probably now, each one of you is wondering – where to find the time? It’s difficult, but maybe try, for example, put the baby to sleep 15 minutes earlier and give your partner some of your responsibilities? Or maybe you can encourage your family members to do the same? (yes, you can). Later benefits are felt by everyone, including you, your partner or child / children.

The mindfulness philosophy will help you:

  • Deal better with emotions
  • Improve the awareness of your body
  • Become more careful in every moment in your life
  • Reduce stress
  • Make decisions easier
  • Be more patient
  • Surround yourself with people who make you happy

Of course, there are more benefits, some of them you will learn by yourself, practicing mindfulness. However, if you are not sure whether you can handle it, take a course that will prepare you accordingly.

Remember – be patient and kind to yourself. Do not give in to the pressure of the surroundings and don’t try meet anyone’s expectations. Or, let this mindfulness philosophy help you achieve this state:)

Thinking about how to start? Just sit down, take a deep breath, close your eyes and … focus on what is here and now. And most importantly – start today.

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