Chakras – release your life energy

According to the beliefs of the Far East, there are points of accepting and assimilating life energy in the human body called chakras. They are located along the spine from its base to the crown of the head. They correspond to seven basic levels of awareness of survival and safety, sexuality, strength, emotional intelligence, personality, perception and wisdom. They depict our mental health and well-being, physical health as well as integrate the body, spirit and mind.

Each chakra has its own color, location and other function.

  1. Crown – purple (rarely white), slightly above the top of the head. Responsible for thinking holistic, paranormal functions.
  2. Third Eye – indigo, slightly above the eyebrows. Responsible for intuition, analysis and extrasensory perception.
  3. Throat – light blue, under the apple of the apple tree. Responsible for speech, self-expression.
  4. Heart – green (rarely golden), at the level of the lungs. Responsible for devotion, love, compassion and healing.
  5. Solar – yellow, close to the navel. Responsible for mental functions, power, control, ambition and career.
  6. Sacral – orange, 3 cm below the navel. Responsible for emotions, creativity, sexuality.
  7. Root – red, the base of the spine. Responsible for instinct, survival and security. The chakras can be either open or closed, excessively and inadequately active, and their blockages or overloading can constitute a variety of life problems. In order to bring the body into balance one should influence the chakras through massage, yoga practice or breath control.

According to beliefs, developing the chakras leads to the development of inner self and spiritual liberation. Learn how your chakras work, lit one of our candles and release your life energy.

Article by Kasia.

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