Fitness Apps – market review

You have a gym card, training gear too, but you still lack motivation … Sounds familiar?

We all know that the hardest part is to start, find time and above all, the desire to move a little. But what if it didn’t have to be so complicated? If someone put together an exercise plan for you, reminded you about it, and above all motivated you to get going? It can be your smartphone!

Fitness applications help to set a training plan, depending on individual needs and motivate you to follow it. If it’s that easy, why not try it?

We have prepared a combination of 5 apps that will increase the effectiveness of your workouts without leaving your home 😉

  1. Diet & Training by Ann

A comprehensive combination of diet, training and a dose motivation in one! An application that helps change your lifestyle and develop healthy habits with the help of a personal trainer, a personal motivator and a team of dieticians.

  1. Workout trainer

You start by setting your goal, for example, dropping a few kilos, improving fitness, etc., on this basis together with the application you set an individual training plan and you can start! Each selected exercise will be described in detail and presented by personal trainers so that you can do it with the greatest accuracy.

  1. JEFIT Workout Exercise Trainer

The application is referred to as “personal trainer in your pocket”. It enables access to over 1000 exercises in the form of descriptions and animations. With it, you can create your own training program and monitor your progress. In addition, it gives you the opportunity to compare your results with the results of other and mutual user support.

  1. Daily Workouts Free

Another “personal trainer” on your smartphone. It gives the possibility to set up your own training plan or use ready-made ones. Each day is a different set of exercises – you can’t get bored!

  1. Nike Training Club

This application is a combination of different types of exercises – strength, endurance and fitness, which facilitates the improvement of general physical fitness. The training plan is adapted to your progress and day plan. It helps to increase the effectiveness of training.


In addition, the following apps will help you to maintain your overall physical wellbeing in  good condition:

  1. Endomondo

It helps to track your physical activity and the amount of calories you have burned. This is most often used for cross-country training. Through statistics, you can observe your progress and strive for even better results 😉

  1. Water Your Body

A healthy lifestyle is also a good intake of water! This application won’t let you forget to drink the right amount of fluids during the day. Definitely “must have” 😉

  1. Myfitnesspal

An application that allows you to control the amount of calories consumed. Created in the form of a nutritional diary, in which you enter all the products eaten during the day.

  1. Libra

This is a motivating chart that is created on the basis of the kilograms we have dropped. Through this, we can observe how our weight and body change. And the observed progress prevents you from eating an unhealthy snack.

  1. 7 WEEKS

It’s an application that helps you get rid of a particular habit or just the opposite – get it. With it, we can follow the diet, run every morning or stop eating between meals. If we succeed, we mark the “won” day with a cross. We strive to get as many crosses as possible, after all none of us likes to lose 😉

Which one will you choose? Download and get moving 😉

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