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Magical human touch – the benefits of massage

Massage is defined as manual manipulation of soft tissues and joints, carried out for various purposes, from relaxation, through stimulation of blood supply, to firming of the skin.

The history of massage originated from antiquity, when it used to be a part of religious rituals, and later it became a part of folk medicine. Initiated in India and China thousands of years ago, it was a natural healing method.

With the development of physiology and neurophysiology, new methods of massage were created, such as segmental, lymphatic, connective or periosteal.

The skin is the outer layer of the body and is closely connected with the nervous system, therefore it also receives stimuli from the environment such as heat, cold, pain or touch. During a massage, dead epidermal cells are removed. This treatment also helps to improve skin breathing. It also affects the circulation of blood and lymph nodes in the skin vessels, which helps transport all the nutrients to the tissues and organs and, on the other hand, removes metabolic waste.

Massage also affects the faster excretion of metabolic waste products from the muscles. After about 5 minutes of massage, the muscle’s ability to work increases 3- 5 times! Massage affects the tissues located in the joints (the so-called ligament-capsule apparatus) can affect the improvement of the range of motion and reduce pain within the joint. “Blood is life.” Massage by stimulating the circulatory and lymphatic systems improves the supply of oxygen and nutrients to the tissues. It also reduces blood resistance in the arteries and thus facilitates the work of the heart.

The most common are traditional massage techniques, i.e. rubbing, stroking, squeezing, sliding, patting. During the massage, we loosen up and relax. Our body also relaxes, areas full of tension and pain are relaxed. Regular use of massages improves mood, after a massage we feel less tension in the back and neck. Classic massage improves the appearance of the skin, it is better oxygenated and supplied with blood.

And to feel even better and more relaxed – nourish your body with adaptogens. Their magic power may do wonders to your overall wellness and stress-resistance.

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