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Natural food supplements

Natural food supplements – why is it important?

For strengthening immunity, joint pain, hair growth and more. Currently, we can find dietary supplements for practically any issue. Will the principle also not apply here – if something fixes everything, is it then no good?

When buying a food supplement in a pharmacy, not all customers pay attention to the assimilation of ingredients, their form or quality. Nice packaging and advertising on TV is not enough and there is no guarantee. Dietary supplements aren’t just capsules that we know from the pharmacy shelf. Natural ingredients such as: flaxseed, spirulina, rosehip or ashwagandha are gaining in value every day. This is because we – consumers, learn to appreciate good quality ingredients and we become more and more aware.

Diet is king!

You probably think that you can eat a kilogram of fruit or a few servings of salmon for a week and everything will be fine. We agree – a healthy, balanced diet is the basis for the proper functioning of our body. Dietary supplements can never be a substitute for it. What role do they play then? They are a supplement, an addition and a reinforcement.

Natural food supplements, referred to as “superfoods“, are nothing other than ingredients known to us from everyday life that contain many nutritional components and have a positive effect on our body. Some of them can be found in our backyard garden or at a nearby market, others have to be sourced from a more specialized herbal shop or ordered online.

If you know that your diet is not completely balanced, you lack specific vitamins or minerals, and your immunity isn’t good, you can reach for natural food supplements. It is worth to bet on natural supplementation, because the less processed the ingredients are, the more nutrients they contain.

If you have already decided to try natural food supplements, check if they are of good quality. It is important to buy from manufacturers who use ingredients coming from organic crops, because only then are they free of toxic chemicals, i.e. pesticides. Moreover, natural food supplements should also not contain preservatives and other additives. The shorter their ingredients list, the better.

Natural food supplements = natural ingredients

Among the wide range of natural ingredients, everyone will find something for themselves, depending on the needs of our bodies. Would you like to strengthen your immunity? Are you looking for an ingredient with anti-inflammatory properties that will additionally illuminate your complexion? Or are you planning pregnancy? Boost your body, beauty and health with rosehip, which contains a lot of vitamins and antioxidants (including: C, A, E and folic acid). Do you have problems with the proper functioning of the thyroid gland? Are you weakened or have you quit eating meat? Reach for spirulina, which is a good source of iodine, iron, potassium and selenium. If, however, your liver isn’t functioning properly and you want to cleanse your body, choose milk thistle, psyllium husk or wheatgrass.

Start … now!

Winter is a good time to start taking care of yourself holistically. Introduce a balanced diet and physical activity into your daily life. In addition, to help the body adapt to changes – reach for natural food supplements. After all – beauty begins from within. Surf our range of carefully formulated beauty supplements

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