Karolina Sobańska – interview

Karolina Sobańska – Enthusiast of mindful and conscious living and healthy, vegan food. On constant search for life & culinary inspirations, beautifully presented on her YouTube and Instagram accounts. An inspiring interview with one of the most popular Polish Instagram & YouTube personalities. 

Going vegan is a difficult change to make. Was your transition immediate or did it take some time?

My will power is quite powerful:) And if you top that strong motivation with our core beliefs, nothing is too difficult. There were products, such as eggs or fish, which I was cutting down on slowly, however you could say that the major transition happened pretty much overnight. I was ready to learn and really give it a go.

What made you change your diet to fully plant-based?

As probably with many of us, it simply took me watching a documentary on treatment of animals at slaughterhouses, farms or dairies and I decided I do not want to support such industries. Ever since I have become committed to the plant-based diet concept, once I became aware how beneficial it is to my body, the environment and our planet.

And has your passion for cooking, eating and searching for new tastes started with going vegan, or was it there before?

I have always been open to new flavours, I have loved eating and trying new food. But it is true that only since I started my studies abroad and changed my diet to plant-based have I had to start cooking for myself daily. I have never suspected it would quickly become my new hobby.


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Is veganism your way of eating or your way of living?

Definitely a way of living, as not only does it affect what I eat, but also what clothes I wear or which cosmetics I buy. I think that when we find empathy for other creatures on this planet, introducing change into other areas such as fashion, beauty or home supplies is a natural process.

Do you think it is easy nowadays to live a vege, eco or holistic life?

No doubt about that. Living in the Western world we have everything we want at our fingertips, so it is up to us how we live and what we invest in. Such lifestyle does not necessarily have to be more expensive. There is plenty of free information and inspiration on the Internet.

You have visited many places around the world – how does vegan life compare there and in Poland?

It really depends, but I believe the key is positive attitude. Where there’s a will, there’s a way. Sometimes I had to drive around with veggies and hummus from the supermarket around Scotland, and sometimes I ate outstanding plant-based cuisine in the best restaurants in Berlin. Tuscany and Greece are, surprisingly, very vegan friendly, because their traditional cuisine is very much plant-based. If we have some flexibility to adjust and we are well prepared for the trip – we can eat healthy and yummy.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

There is no such one person, anybody can be a source of inspiration for me.

What would you tell those who are considering changing their lifestyles? Have you got any tips how to live a conscious, eco-friendly, life?

Make decisions according to your conscience, introduce change slowly, and do not put too much pressure on yourself. Everybody makes mistakes, so do not try to be perfect. Let’s celebrate every moment and have fun with this healthy-lifestyle concept.


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