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Pearl – luxury skin supplement

Pearl powder – luxury inner beauty supplement

Perła - proszek perłowy - ekstrakt z perły - pearl powder

Pearl powderbeauty supplement from ZOJO Beauty Elixirs

Pearl powder – ocean adaptogen

Pearl powder – you are probably wondering what it is. Functional medicine clinics have been using many natural ocean products for years. After collagen and spirulina, the time has come for a timeless, shiny pearl – “ocean adaptogen.” Its richness of minerals, amino acids and conchiolin makes the skin radiant, tense and look younger, and stress has a less damaging effect.

pearl extract

Pearl – inner beauty supplement from ZOJO Beauty Elixirs

Pearl – supplement or jewellery?

Yes, these are the same pearls that our grandmothers wear in necklaces. These shiny balls are highly valued in many cultures around the world and ground into powder for topical and oral use. Although most people still see pearls as subtle accessories, it turns out that incorporating them into skincare rituals provides tangible benefits.

pearl powder supplement pearl extract

Pearl powder from ZOJO Beauty Elixirs can be added to smoothies, juices, coffee or oatmeal

Pearl powder – benefits and use in Ayurveda and Traditional Chinese Medicine

Even Cleopatra loved the care rituals that use the power of pearls, in addition to the famous baths in milk. Pearl powder was also known in Traditional Chinese Medicine for about 320 years. The only empress in Chinese history, Wu Zetian, used it because of its beauty and properties. In traditional Chinese culture, skin health was worshiped, and pearl was the best natural remedy to help achieve a radiant and youthful appearance. Chinese medicine also noticed the adaptogenic ability of pearl and recommended it in states of increased anxiety or stress. Ayurveda also highly valued pearl powder, using it, among others. for relieving inflammation, but also as … an aphrodisiac in traditional love drinks.

pearl extract proszek perłowy

Pearl inner beauty supplement from ZOJO Beauty Elixirs

Pearl extract supplementation – modern approach

Ancient wisdom finds confirmation in modern science. Pearl powder hides at least 30 trace minerals, as well as calcium, iron, copper, magnesium, silica and selenium, which are needed to maintain proper hormonal balance, an efficient immune system and youthful skin. It also contains conchiolin, an amino acid that gives pearls a strikingly beautiful luminescence. In the human body, this protein promotes healthy production of collagen that gives the skin a radiant appearance. In fact, it has similar effects to keratin – the protein responsible for the condition of hair, skin and nails. What is important is the fact that nutrition and positive changes occur inside the body, improving its functioning and affecting the external appearance.

perła suplement pearl supplement pearl powder pearl extract

Pearl powder – rich in amino acids and minerals

Suplementy diety z perłą

Abroad, products with pearls can be found on the shelf with nutraceuticals or functional foods, and they are very popular there. Recently they are also available on our market.


Pearl magic from ZOJO Beauty Elixirs

Pearl – dietary supplement from ZOJO and its skin benefits

Our pearl comes from freshwater farms. It dissolves easily in liquid and has no intense taste, so it is a good and tasteless addition to all recipes. Pearl can be added to smoothies, oatmeal, milk or tonic, and some also use it as an add-on when applying cream, lotion or skin serum – explains Marta Ravensdale, founder  of Zojo Beauty Elixirs.

Currently, ZOJO is the only one in Poland to use it in this form and educate about its brightening, smoothing wrinkles, stretch marks, scars and other skin imperfections – she adds.

Pearl powder for active lifestyle

Pearl powder works well if you love active lifestyle. Nourishes and nourishes the skin, while acting as a natural filter, protecting it from UV rays. Accelerates wound healing – from minor damage to unsightly scars, which are not difficult during outdoor madness. Mother of pearl is also used for burns and discoloration caused by excessive tanning. And fanatics of cosmetic novelties from overseas claim that it can be successfully mixed with BB cream, foundation or favorite oils for skin care. It is definitely a new “must-have” of inner beauty skin care.

pearl supplement pearl powder pearl extract proszek perłowy perła suplement

Pearl powder from ZOJO contains approximately 17 doses. Available at

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