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Interview with Katarzyna Kociołek and Kinga Wojtasik

How did your adventure with sport start? Why did you choose beach volleyball?

Kasia: My adventure with sport began in elementary school, where I tried several disciplines, from which I finally chose volleyball. First indoor and then beach. However, I have been playing beach volleyball in the Polish Team for 9 years. Why beach volleyball? It is a wonderful sport involving sand, sun and cool places all over the world:) and releases amazing emotions in me.

Kinga: Sport has been a big part of me since my youth. My parents were athletes, so it was clear that I would follow in their footsteps. Initially, I was involved in several disciplines, but at the age of 11 I decided that volleyball is my favorite discipline. I trained indoor and beach volleyball for 8 years to make a permanent move onto the beach after that. I always loved summers, when we played in the sun, on the beach. At the beginning it was fun, but slowly turned into professional sport. Everyone who tries to play on the beach will understand that it is easy to fall in love with this sport.

What is your biggest dream related to volleyball?

Kasia: My first biggest sports dream is to qualify for the Olympic Games, and the second is to win a medal.

Kinga: Of course the Olympics is my biggest goal. We all dream about it;) For now, we fight to play at the Games and this is our ultimate goal.

The beach season has just ended – is your daily life during the season very different from that out of season?

Kasia: I typically take a break, then some holidays and spend time with loved ones. After a while (2-3 weeks) we return to training. Preparation for the season looks completely different, much more training, zero tournaments. We spend most of our time in Spała, where we have a sand hall and in January and February, we go to foreign camps.

Kinga: Our out of season life is very different from what we have while playing. In the season we are 300 days a year away from home, on planes and in hotels. You have to like it. After the season, we focus on regeneration, injury treatment and, above all, rest.

What are your methods to recover from hard training and tournaments?

Kasia: Biological regeneration (sauna, cold tub, swimming pool), work with physiotherapists, nutrients for regeneration. After a long day at the tournament we put our legs up and put on compression packs to accelerate regeneration

Kinga: We regenerate in different ways. We have massages, we use ice and saunas.

Do you use any special diets or dietary supplements as professional sportswomen?

Kasia: We don’t have a special diet, but we know what we can and shouldn’t eat. We know what meals should look like at a tournament or on a training day. To this we add ZOJO products to our porridge or smoothies, so they are an integral part of our diet. We also have various nutrients and supplements that help us, for example, to maintain electrolyte levels during a match or to replenish the body after a heavy gym session.

Kinga: We use supplements, vitamins and try to eat healthily. This is not always easy, but athlete’s diet is essential.

We know that you use adaptogens from ZOJO. Can you tell us a little about the effect of adaptogens on the body? Which of the ZOJO formulas is your favorite?

Kasia: Adaptogens can help us strengthen the body and increase its efficiency during heavy matches or training. This does not replace any diet, but they are an important element. They allow you to maintain balance in the body and soothe stress. Plus, it’s great to combine them with everyday meals. My favorite ZOJO adaptogens are Pearl and The Beauty Pageant, I use them whenever a bowl of cereal lands in front of me in the morning 🙂

Kinga: My favorite formula is Beauty Pageant. I usually combine it with fruit porridge. This is my favorite combination.

What to wish you in the upcoming sport season?

Kasia: HEALTH and promotion to the Tokyo 2020 Olympic Games! Thank you that ZOJO is with us 😊

Kinga: First of all, health! We will take care of the rest 🙂

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