uroda od wewnątrz beauty from within uroda od środka beauty from the inside out inner beauty piękno od wewnątrz piękno od środka

Agnieszka Bogusławska

Agnieszka is living proof that one can feel spectacular and look 10 years younger after 40. Deciding to abstain from eating meat at the age of 17 was one of her best decisions and this change brought about other changes making her life a wonderful journey.

Agnieszka is the mother of two children, is in a happy 25 year long relationship, has been a vegetarian for the past 28 years, she advocates a healthy and active lifestyle whilst fostering a holistic approach to life and health. Born in Warsaw and proud of it she continually looks for new places to eat healthily and is a fan of all things cultural and theatrical.

Her sporting dream is to develop her skiing skills and this year she will be going to Rysy, the highest peak in the Tatra mountains, for the first time.   

She has strength and determination. She quickly fell in love with our vegetarian, organic formulas mixing them into her morning smoothies, for a good start to every day.