Gosia Kobus Kwiatkowska Anatomiajogi

Małgorzata Kobus-Kwiatkowska

Gosia started her yoga journey while studying physiotherapy at Wrocław Medical University. Ever since yoga became an important part of her life, Gosia went on a plant-based diet, transformed her attitude towards body and self-care, became an active ecology supporter and introduced ethical fashion into her life.

Her YouTube channel started in 2015. The Anatomia Jogi channel is a welcoming place, where she shares her knowledge and experience. You can say it is a real fusion of yoga and physiotherapy.

Her social media platforms are her means to promote practicing yoga in a safe way, with respect for our limitations.

For Gosia, practicing yoga is more than asanas, breathing techniques and meditation. It reaches out into other areas of life. Whatever happens when she is not on the mat is equally important, namely:
• healthy eating,
• respect for nature and other human beings,
• a good relationship with her inner self

Gosia’s favourite ZOJO’s adaptogenic elixirs are The GORGEOUS Formula, The BIKINI BODY Formula and The SEXY Formula. Gosia also often practices on our sister brand’s – Moonholi – yoga mats.

Explore Gosia’s YouTube channel: Anatomia Jogi.