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Monika Boratyn

Yoga and aerial yoga instructor. Monika is passionate about a healthy and active lifestyle. She uses yoga as a way to stay balanced. Yoga practice also helps her to self-discover on a daily basis and gives her the power to keep going. She rarely feels more inner power than when she unrolls a yoga mat and can feel it under her feet. Monika loves nature, travelling and recently fell in love with kitesurfing.

Monika believes everybody can practice yoga, regardless of age, sex or skills. She also believes that the basis for wellbeing is healthy food, so apart from physical exercise and meditation, she also puts a lot of care into her diet. She loves exploring new tastes and fixing fruit and vegetable smoothies and adding a spoon of extra ZOJO glow.

Her favourite ZOJO products are the Golden Adapto Latte – a yummy and healthy alternative to coffee or tea, and The Supergreens Formula.

Find your daily dose of inspiration at Monika’s blog and her Instagram account