uroda od wewnątrz beauty from within uroda od środka beauty from the inside out inner beauty piękno od wewnątrz piękno od środka


RUDA IS A STATE OF MIND (so she says).

Ruda is a lifestyle.

Ruda is smart, of course.

She is always there if you need her support, she supports all women when, and where, necessary.

It’s not a fake or a pose, she is serious and authentic about it. 

And what about health? Ruda cares, so she started looking after herself.

She rules the gym, makes healthy breakfasts, drinks green tea, makes her own nails, and does it all on her own terms. She is an independent woman – as simple as that.

What does Ruda have to do with ZOJO? 

She makes her own decisions and she is the master of her own life, she decides😊 Does Ruda want to be beautiful, healthy and fit? Ask her.

Ruda likes green stuff. We are giving her The Supergreen Formula – watch out – things will get hot! This sexy woman also loves our Sexy Formula.

Visit the @ruda_red profile on Instagram – it is one of the most interesting and fun profiles on the Internet.