Our youngest, but not least active, ambassador 😊

She is not an ordinary girl. She calls herself “energy and entertainment” and is out there to take everything life has to offer. She is a real tomboy, climbs trees, jumps in muddy puddles, cheers up all the boys and her adventures always end up with a hole in her clothes (why on the right knee always?! I have no idea!).

Zoe has been the inspiration and driving force behind ZOJO, and the company even takes its name after her. She has been our biggest fan from the beginning. She helps pack the boxes, comes up with marketing copyright, advertises ZOJO at school to anybody even remotely interested in listening, consults our branding and communication (she especially makes sure she is consulted on the junior formula since “we are not children so we don’t know” 😊), supports us when we are down, and cheers us on when we are zooming. Her cupcake & lemonade stand made more revenue in one day than ZOJO had for the whole first month of operations 😊

A real #girlboss, aged 9yrs.