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Ewa Szabatin

Ewa is completely in love with fashion and a healthy lifestyle. A professional dancer, she won 7 Polish National Dancing Champion titles, was a finalist of the World Dancing Championships twice and was the Vice-Champion of the Dance World Cup. Ewa has been practicing yoga and promoting fitness and healthy living for 8 years now. In 2003 she also started her fashion brand SHABATIN.

A few years ago Ewa underwent a major personal change. She decided to change her life. She believes that positive energy is the key to personal well-being, and that feeling good can be seen on the outside. Being a professional dancer, Ewa appreciates the importance of exercise in our lives. In the past few years she discovered something more though. She started looking after her body not only on the outside, but also from within.

Today Ewa’s dream is to change people’s lives by promoting healthy living, because being stylish does not only relate to fashion… being stylish also means being fit! Visit Ewa’s blog  FitFashionFreak for loads of positive energy, motivation, healthy recipes, fashion, beauty and body tips.

You can also admire Ewa in a beautiful photoshoot at our sister yoga mats brands – Moonholi – website and instagram account @moonholi.