Karolina Sobańska

Enthusiast of mindful and conscious living and healthy, vegan food. On constant search for life & culinary inspirations, beautifully presented on her YouTube and Instagram accounts. Author of inspiring podcasts on health, eco-living and ethical lifestyle. Citizen of the world, with no borders holding her back from travel and search for yummy and healthy food. Karolina has already lived in a few European cities, from Łódź, Edinborough, to Madrid and Berlin – but we’re sure she has not said her last words yet. She is an inspiring soul, who has a simple, yet convincing way, of motivating us to change our habits and lifestyles every day to protect and cherish our Planet.

Karolina is a big fan of our Supergreens Formula – she likes adding it to her morning oatmeal.

Make sure too visit Karolina at YouTube and Instagram.