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From women to women

We women. We are completely different and yet so much alike. Our diversity of needs, lifestyles and roles has motivated us to create a wide range of products. In turn, the similarities have inspired us to celebrate community and build a community where we can share ways to live even better, healthier, more enjoyable lives.

“Each Zojo jar is a portion of healthy pleasure,
which should be permanently introduced into your life”

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sojowe świece zapachowe soy scented candles ZOJO

Mocniejsze i gęstsze włosy

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suplementy diety dla wegan i wegetarian food supplements for vegans and vegetarians

“ZOJO PEARL - a mineral-rich powder that makes skin radiant,
taut and younger-looking, and fades away stress in the blink of an eye”

“ZOJO Beauty Elixirs are a beauty must have for all conscious,
modern women.”L’OFFICIEL"

promienna cera suplementy diety na skórę włosy i paznokcie beauty supplements for skin hair and nails radiant skin

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Get to know each other

Get to know each other

Among us are business women, amateur athletes, energetic It Girls, caring moms and icons we know from the media or social media. All of them are looking for ways to enhance health, beauty, good energy, nutrition. Ordinary-ordinary girls who amaze us every day. With all of you in mind ZOJO elixirs were created, for you we will develop their idea.

And you, who are you? We want to get to know you.
Join #zojogirls.

Our values

A healthy life

Responsibility to society and the community

Safe ingredients

Quality products


Daily pleasures

The mission statement of ZOJO’s founder

The mission statement of ZOJO’s founder

I’m sure you know that feeling, when your sense of powerlessness pushes you to take important decisions and accept challenges which you had previously never even thought about. That’s what happened to me – the idea of setting up ZOJO arose from a need for change. I am a busy mother, a businesswoman. I want to squeeze everything out of life, try new things, look after those close to me, and not forget about myself, either. This kind of lifestyle takes its toll and impacts negatively on health and wellbeing. I began to see the results of my frantic life on the run – tiredness, burn-out, feeling weighed down by too many duties and responsibilities. Not only for my company, but also for my family. Exactly…

We are what we eat, but children see things differently. My daughter would love to eat nothing but chips, pancakes with chocolate cream or frankfurters. Vegetables? Disgusting 🙂

I had to find a way of balancing and enriching her diet and adding what she was missing out on. I didn’t want to reach for the supplements which were being sold at that time. Pure chemicals – lack of nutritious ingredients, taste and enjoyment. These products seemed more like a daily necessity than a pleasant ritual.

After a long search, I came across adaptogens and their unique natural strength, which I want to share with you today. I spent years looking for this magic, but you can benefit from it right now!

– Marta Ravensdale

Natural blends

We have created our elixirs from pure, organic ingredients – the rare and those which have been known for years by practitioners of Eastern holistic herbal medicine. We have linked tonic  herbs, seeds, vital mushrooms and the best adaptogens into ready-made, perfectly balanced mixtures. 

No compromise on quality

100 per cent of our ingredients are organic. Each has a certificate from the UK Organic Farmers and Growers Association testifying that it is organic. We only choose the best quality organic raw materials which come from trusted sources.

No allergens or nasties

Our natural, plant-based, beauty elixirs are vegan, GMO-free, lactose and gluten free and they do not contain any artificial nasties such as preservatives, colourings, artificial sweeteners or taste enhancers.

Working together with specialists

Our elixirs have been developed by experienced nutritionists from the UK with the aim to include precisely the right mixture of active ingredients to support physical and psychological health and wellbeing.

Always by your side

Our light, handy jars are ideal for journeys. You don’t need to worry about whether or not they will survive the trip – we have chosen material which will endure being dropped and any other transport hiccup which might occur.

Taste and choose

Regular use brings visible effects. You will happily reach for an elixir whose taste you like.  We offer you the opportunity to buy smaller sized formulas, precisely so you can try out their tastes  and pick the one you love.

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