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Justyna Jaworska

Justyna is a renowned Ashtanga Yoga teacher, who loves the traditional Indian culture and returns to India often to deepen her knowledge. Ashtanga has been part of Justyna’s daily life for 16 years now.  She runs her own yoga studio MERU, where she runs morning yoga sessions for students, and also organizes yoga workshops and retreats.

She runs a number of workshops to support women in every aspect of their lives. Some of the interesting topics covered are teaching teenagers to love and cherish their bodies, pregnancy yoga, understanding the menstruation cycle as well as practising meditation.

Justyna loves hiking, nature photography and is a devoted vegan.

You can get a glimpse of Justyna’s life on Instagram @practicewithjustyna

Her Favourite Products

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Katarzyna Kryska-Radochońska

Kasia is a physiotherapist and a lover of working with the human body. Professionally she helps people with back pain, joints pain, and after injuries. She works and lives in Cracow, Poland.

Kasia is also a founder of TAKE IT SLOW project – regenerative weekends for women, where she runs a SLOW MOVE workshop, in which she combines yoga, zoga and pilates.

Follow her profile on Instagram @twoja_fizjo and blog Privately, Kasia is the Mum of twins Hania and Antek and a yoga lover. She regularly practices on yoga mats by our sister yoga brand Moonholi.

Her Favourite Products

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Alicja Sobczak

Alicja Sobczak is a licensed acroyogi and a teacher of acroyoga with elements of acrobatics at the STACJA JOGA school in Łódź. She also takes part in a series of acroyoga workshops outside of Łódź. Privately, Alicja is a devoted, happy Mum and a plant-based diet lover.

Alicja was also the gorgeous model for our sister yoga mats brand – Moonholi’s launch photoshoot. If you’re interested in getting some inspiration from Alicja, visit her Instagram profile at @acroyoga_z_alicja and enjoy some wonderful yoga content.

Thank you Alicja for being our ambassador.

Her Favourite Products

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Magda Winiarek

Magda has spent many years in fashion and advertising. She has worked in front of the camera for some of the biggest local and international brands.

Magda loves travelling and spends her life planning and executing the next dream trip. Favourite destination? Italy – her second home. She knows the country inside out.

What else is important for Magda?

Books. Especially psychology and sociology.

Cinema. Preferably Italian and Spanish.

Food. Healty, balanced, natural and raw.

Why’s ZOJO Magda’s perfect daily companion? She knows that her body needs only the best natural ingredients to flourish.

Her Favourite Products

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Monika Boratyn jogadlaciebie

Monika Boratyn

Yoga and aerial yoga instructor. Monika is passionate about a healthy and active lifestyle. She uses yoga as a way to stay balanced. Yoga practice also helps her to self-discover on a daily basis and gives her the power to keep going. She rarely feels more inner power than when she unrolls a yoga mat and can feel it under her feet. Monika loves nature, travelling and recently fell in love with kitesurfing.

Monika believes everybody can practice yoga, regardless of age, sex or skills. She also believes that the basis for wellbeing is healthy food, so apart from physical exercise and meditation, she also puts a lot of care into her diet. She loves exploring new tastes and fixing fruit and vegetable smoothies and adding a spoon of extra ZOJO glow.

Her favourite ZOJO products are the Golden Adapto Latte – a yummy and healthy alternative to coffee or tea, and The Supergreens Formula.

Find your daily dose of inspiration at Monika’s blog and her Instagram account

Gosia Kobus Kwiatkowska Anatomiajogi

Małgorzata Kobus-Kwiatkowska

Gosia started her yoga journey while studying physiotherapy at Wrocław Medical University. Ever since yoga became an important part of her life, Gosia went on a plant-based diet, transformed her attitude towards body and self-care, became an active ecology supporter and introduced ethical fashion into her life.

Her YouTube channel started in 2015. The Anatomia Jogi channel is a welcoming place, where she shares her knowledge and experience. You can say it is a real fusion of yoga and physiotherapy.

Her social media platforms are her means to promote practicing yoga in a safe way, with respect for our limitations.

For Gosia, practicing yoga is more than asanas, breathing techniques and meditation. It reaches out into other areas of life. Whatever happens when she is not on the mat is equally important, namely:
• healthy eating,
• respect for nature and other human beings,
• a good relationship with her inner self

Gosia’s favourite ZOJO’s adaptogenic elixirs are The GORGEOUS Formula, The BIKINI BODY Formula and The SEXY Formula. Gosia also often practices on our sister brand’s – Moonholi – yoga mats.

Explore Gosia’s YouTube channel: Anatomia Jogi.

Her Favourite Products

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Zojo Beauty Elixirs ambassador Ina Rybarczyk truetastehunters

Ina Rybarczyk

Ina Rybarczyk – painter, lover of yoga and good eating. Author of the book “Taste Hunters” and the popular blog which  as of 2014 is growing in following. Ina promotes healthy and tasty plant based eating habits and her recipes are delicious. Her “milky delight” with chia seeds is to die for.

Thank you for being our Ambassador. Who could appreciate us more than someone who loves healthy, vegan cooking.

Her Favourite Products

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Adaptogens for sportsmen adaptogeny dla sportowców

Katarzyna Kociołek i Kinga Wojtasik

Meet Katarzyna Kociołek and Kinga Wojtasik – professional beach volleyball team, Polish Champions 2018 and runners-up at the international World Tour 3* series.

Both girls have held medal positions at a number of World and European Youth Championships and Kinga is a 2015 European Championships brown medalist in the senior category, plus she represented Poland at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio.

Thank you for being our ambassadors! @kociolek.wojtasik_bvt

Her Favourite Products

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Klaudia Chibowska

A fitness girl with positive energy, who finds solace in a crazy world with the help of sport activity. A certified instructor with a masters’ degree in public health, she is happy to share her knowledge and experiences. She also supports women on their path to feeling better and motivates us into action by infecting us with her passion and energy. She loves nature and health, which she encompasses both professionally and privately.

Visit Klaudia’s Instagram for daily fitness motivation.

Her Favourite Products

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Magda Szymańska

Magda knows what’s good! In addition to a great love for healthy food, she is interested in yoga and leading an active lifestyle.

She loves to share her passion with others on Instagram and suggests how to take on those first yoga steps.

Magda is a coffee lover, but not only! She loves homemade pastries, cocktails and freshly squeezed juices, of which ZOJO products are a must! She always tries to make a healthy diet and eating habits a source of everyday pleasure, although she does not hide that sometimes it is a treat to have burgers or pizza.


Her Favourite Products

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Ania Szwajda

She is an enthusiast of healthy nutrition and dedicated follower of an active lifestyle. After 10 years of working in corporate life, she decided to turn her life to sport and began her dance career with conducting dance classes and strengthening the body. She made her work a passion. This Passion, professionalism and naturalness allow Ania to successfully lead dance and fitness groups which have enjoyed a large and unflagging attendance for several years. Since 2002, she has trained with one of the best personal trainers in Poland, which resulted in her rich experience and knowledge. During the trainings he combines many disciplines.

Ania started her dance adventure in 2006 with a Salsa lesson. Later, she fell in love with Ballroom Dancing and began to compete in the ProAm movement in Poland (professionals dancing with amateurs). She competed in tournaments in Poland, Paris and Florida, gaining experience and success. She is constantly learning from the best social and ballroom dance trainers in order to be able to share this knowledge and skills with students.

Ania takes care of her body and soul holistically. She combines, among others, training with healthy eating. She promotes a smart approach to nutrition. She denies: radicalism and moving from extremes to extremes. Her main way to health is eating unprocessed food that provides the necessary ingredients and super food without which she can’t imagine a diet. Her aim is to make people aware that healthy intestines are a healthy nervous system as well as a cure for most diseases affecting our bodies.

The Szwajda name is quality in itself. Quality is important for us, so we enjoy our cooperation with Ania. Visit Ania @aniaszwajda

Her Favourite Products

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Zojo Beauty Elixirs ambassador Monika Król

Monika Król

This girl rocks! Not only has she run marketing departments of major Polish banks and insurance companies but she also successfully started, and sold, two companies in the entertainment and fashion industries, she has recently been appointed to the board of the largest fintech player in the market, plus she also somehow manages to be a lovely mom to a 2 year old and looks gorgeous – all at the same time! This girl rocks it! Thank you Monika for being our ambassador!

Her Favourite Products

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uroda od wewnątrz beauty from within uroda od środka beauty from the inside out inner beauty piękno od wewnątrz piękno od środka

Agnieszka Bogusławska

Agnieszka is living proof that one can feel spectacular and look 10 years younger after 40. Deciding to abstain from eating meat at the age of 17 was one of her best decisions and this change brought about other changes making her life a wonderful journey.

Agnieszka is the mother of two children, is in a happy 25 year long relationship, has been a vegetarian for the past 28 years, she advocates a healthy and active lifestyle whilst fostering a holistic approach to life and health. Born in Warsaw and proud of it she continually looks for new places to eat healthily and is a fan of all things cultural and theatrical.

Her sporting dream is to develop her skiing skills and this year she will be going to Rysy, the highest peak in the Tatra mountains, for the first time.   

She has strength and determination. She quickly fell in love with our vegetarian, organic formulas mixing them into her morning smoothies, for a good start to every day.

Her Favourite Products

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Our youngest, but not least active, ambassador ?

She is not an ordinary girl. She calls herself “energy and entertainment” and is out there to take everything life has to offer. She is a real tomboy, climbs trees, jumps in muddy puddles, cheers up all the boys and her adventures always end up with a hole in her clothes (why on the right knee always?! I have no idea!).

Zoe has been the inspiration and driving force behind ZOJO, and the company even takes its name after her. She has been our biggest fan from the beginning. She helps pack the boxes, comes up with marketing copyright, advertises ZOJO at school to anybody even remotely interested in listening, consults our branding and communication (she especially makes sure she is consulted on the junior formula since “we are not children so we don’t know” ?), supports us when we are down, and cheers us on when we are zooming. Her cupcake & lemonade stand made more revenue in one day than ZOJO had for the whole first month of operations ?

A real #girlboss, aged 9yrs.

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