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Eco-friendly natural rubber yoga mats

We’re happy you love ZOJO products. If you are also a fitness or yoga lover, you’re very welcome to visit our sister eco-friendly yoga mats brand – Moonholi. People say they are the most beautiful yoga mats in the world. 

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VENUS eco friendly yoga mat

Gorgeous designs, created in careful resonance with the harmony of the Universe, as well as eco-friendly manufacturing technology, will not only be safe to your body and the environment, but will also make your fitness workout or yoga practice a beautiful and memorable experience.

Maty do jogi z kauczuku

ILLUMINATION eco friendly natural rubber yoga mat

Moonholi yoga mats will fit perfectly into your holistic life and will make you stand out from the crowd anywhere you are – city yoga classes, fitness practice, or Bali yoga workshops. 

eco friendly yoga mats

VIBRATION eco friendly yoga mat